Demon Possession – Is it Real?

Below is one of ABC’S 20/20 exorcism reports, which includes John Zaffis giving his opinion about the case he was involved in helping with:

Most people today may be familiar with the term ‘ demon possession ‘. People have in effect accepted and believed in humans being demonically possessed from reading about it in the Bible, which teaches us everything we need to learn regarding the topic, and that it’s an authentic affliction. Most who are Christians will have no questions about the possibility of demons and demonic possession.

Precisely what are demons? Demons are spiritual entities having tremendous strength and knowledge. They are typically referred to as fallen angels. These types of spirits are normally nonvisual, although they can adopt virtually any form they choose and make themselves visible to people at will.

They can present themselves as smoky apparitions or even dark, shadowy figures. These beings can appear as almost any shape they want to, animals included, and are able to make a choice to be perceived as either solid or transparent.

Exactly what does the Bible reveal about demons as well as some of their characteristics?:

1. These types of spirits apparently wish to have a physical body to possess or exploit as their host, comparable to being a parasite, in order to control and cause as much difficulty for humans as they potentially can.

2. Demons have amazing power and force.

3. They are to blame with regard to some of the health problems and maladies that humans may have.

A short list of a few reasons behind demon possession:

1. Sin may be the factor leading towards a person becoming influenced and then at some point becoming overtaken by evil forces.

2. Abuse – A number of others maintain that they were mistreated as little children, and that this abuse then opened them up to demonic interference.

3. Occult involvement – Practicing spells along with a number of other techniques presented in occult books.

4. Spirit communication – Employing a ouija board or channeling spirits are both a possible open door to let spirits come through.

5. Sexual perversion of which pornography is only one example.

There are other warning signs or activities for which simple health issues cannot explain, including:

1. Knowledge of future events and hidden things – Demon possessed people have been known to gain a sudden knowledge about things that were never shared with others, or to even reveal future events that come true.

2. Superhuman power – Possessed people appear to have been able to destroy seemingly effortlessly restraints put on them to keep them from harming themselves or others, and it could take several adult men to restrain a demon possessed child.

3. The possessed person speaking in languages previously unknown to that person.

4. Levitation – A few people have been seen to levitate in mid-air, or influence items to move apparently without any outward help.

5. Foul odors – Occasionally in the presence of a demon possessed client, the surroundings may become so horrid smelling that people in attendance will began to feel ill. Also, the stench has sometimes been referred to as the strong odor of sulphur.

6. Response to sacred elements – Possessed sufferers have actually shown fear or even responded violently to scripture readings, seeing crosses, having holy water applied, or may react badly to other religious icons or representations. They may also have problems speaking the name of God or Jesus.

According to many experts who speak to the subject of demonic possession, the only real way to avoid or to overcome these types of problems is to accept Jesus Christ as Savior. They recommend that this is truly the only way to have the level of protection you need and to have God’s help in overcoming the sort of evil that may try to torment a person.

If a person is already beset by demonic problems, they should earnestly seek to find reputable spiritual help to attempt to get deliverance from any situation like this that they are experiencing.