Haunted Muncaster Castle

Muncaster CastleOvernight visitors and friends of the family often refused to ever spend another night in the haunted Muncaster Castle. Since 1325, it has stood on the northwest coast of England. The Pennington family have been the lords of Lancaster since the 13th century.

In recent years the family and their friends have been plagued with strange happenings within the walls. Doors open and shut of their own accord. Unknown footsteps walk the corridors.

The current owner admits to feeling uncomfortable at times at the castle, even though he has lived there for many years. He mentions hearing footsteps that would follow him at night in wintertime.

Horticulturist Alan Clarke also had a bad experience at Muncaster. Hearing a sound outside his bedroom door, he took a look and saw no one there at all. Then while trying to shut the door to his bedroom, he found it quite difficult to close. Later on that night, Alan heard and saw the doorknob to his room turning as if someone were trying to enter the room.

The haunting is blamed on the old jester who used to live at the castle, whom they nicknamed “Tom Fool”. It’s said that Tom Fool had a sadistic sense of humor. He would try to send travelers he didn’t like the looks of to their deaths by giving them directions which would send them into quicksand traps.

Legend states that Tom Fool was also responsible for the gruesome murder of a carpenter within the castle grounds in order to win favor with his master. His presence seems to invade the castle, and it is at its most frightening beside his portrait. People have heard phantom footsteps behind them while looking at the painting.

Other ghostly experiences at the haunted Muncaster Castle are attributed to a certain room in the castle called the “tapestry room”. A family friend was invited to stay at the castle and while there stayed in the room.

He was in his room when he started to hear a strange muttering sound. It became louder and sounded as if a child was crying and someone speaking to the child. Going around to investigate where the voices were coming from, he could find no cause for the source.

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