Haunted Places – The Golden Lamb Inn

golden lambThe Golden Lamb Inn, one of the most haunted places located in Lebanon, Ohio, is also considered to be one of the oldest hotels in existence in the U.S. There are several hauntings which take place there. Among them are:

A small female child who seems to still be living in room #2. They call that particular room “Sarah’s Room”, due to the fact that the little girl’s name was either Sarah Stubbs or Eliza Clay. Objects in the room have been moved by their own accord and pictures knocked down from the wall.

An apparition believed to be that of Clement Vallandigham is sometimes seen in the Vallandigham dining room walking out from the wall, pacing back and forth, and then turning around and walking back through the wall.

Accounts are reported of silverware being moved around and chairs falling in the dining room, plus people claim they’ve been touched on the shoulder by an unseen force.

Another spirit is thought to be that of Charles R. Sherman, a gray, gaunt man walking up and down the halls. He died during his stay in the inn while only age 41. His wife and children, eleven of them, were left behind without any type of financial support.

In the Horace Moon room, a vagrant who happened to be ill passed away there. At times people have woken up to see him standing at the foot of their beds, along with the lights and tv turning on and off by themselves.

Lastly, people have smelled the odor of cigar smoke in the inn, while the inn specifically forbids smoking within the hotel.

Click “here” if you would like more information about The Golden Lamb Inn, undoubtably a haunted place that would be most interesting to visit.

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