Haunted Possessions

Possessed-Possessions-Antiques-Furniture-Collectibles 1An interesting, informative video of various items in John Zaffis’ Paranormal Museum in which John gives a few background stories about several of the objects he has been storing in his museum. John has received these haunted possessions from clients that he’s worked with over the years.

The accumulation of possessions began with Zaffis taking souvenirs of possible haunted items from various cases he had been working on, and storing them in the barn behind his house.

Possessed-Possessions-Antiques-Furniture-Collectibles 2
One day John decided that he needed to make a decision about what he was going to do with all of the objects, and then decided that he wanted to create a paranormal museum and portray the haunted possessions in such a way as to try to prove that paranormal activity doesn’t occur to just one religion or belief system, but that it occurs worldwide and happens to everyone.

Today John Zaffis uses his museum to teach people the various ways that can cause these types of hauntings to begin. A very educational and insightful video.

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