La Palazza Mansion Story – An Evil Entity Resides Here

The investigative team determines to find out why an evil entity resides at the house called the “La Palazza Mansion”, and why it seems to be such a danger to anyone who dares to enter the house. Videos 1 – 4 are included below:

La Palazza Mansion Story Part 1

La Palazza Mansion Story Part 2

La Palazza Mansion Story Part 3

La Palazza Mansion Story Part 4

Within this vintage subdivision, which has been considered a place of the rich, the prominent, and possibly even the mafia, a thing of great evil resides. The La Palazza Mansion is considered to likely have been a hiding place for gangsters during the pinnacle of Las Vegas’ organized crime era.

Inside the run-down shell of this previously opulent show place exists a powerful being that has assaulted its past inhabitants, initiated a fire, and possibly possessed people that tried to come against it.

Several people believe that there may be hidden treasure, unmarked burial areas underneath the floorboards, plus a hidden, secret location in which several murders have occurred causing the La Palazza Mansion to be haunted with an evil entity which still remains there.

Ghost Activity

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