True Ghost Stories – The Rosa Witch

Rosa WitchI am giving a link back to one of the true ghost stories which I have recently read about which involved a spirit by the name of The Rosa Witch. The story is very reminiscent of the Bell Witch nightmare, and a ghost story which I would have tended to believe moreso if it hadn’t been for the part about the pumpkins coming alive…Aside from that, it’s still an overall a good story though.

The story describes William Wolcott who, along with his family, went through a very horrific haunting, which began when William saw an old woman in his field.

The situation quickly escalated into banging sounds outside the house that continuously grew louder with time, and eventually culminated in occupants of the home being physically attacked. Neighbors who stayed with the Wolcotts also witnessed these occurrences and were viciously assaulted.

But things were to get much worse after Wolcott and his son found a small cottage on their property with a body inside and decided to burn the house down…Read the rest of this true ghost story about the Rosa Witch to find out what happened after that fateful day:

True Ghost Stories : The legend of the rosa witch
Publish Date: 08/14/2010 0:11

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