Steven LaChance – Haunted Union House

Watch the interview with Steven LaChance speaking about his true haunted house experiences in the demonic “Union House” case. A prayer is said at the start to protect everyone before the discussion begins. However, you may want to begin watching the video at approximately 7:54 in order to listen to the actual interview with Steven.

union houseSteven LaChance is the founder of Missouri Paranormal Research and he helped co-found the Paranormal TaskForce. Steven, with his children and friends, experienced a horrific haunting, so he is well able to help others who are going through similiar type happenings, and also has other well-qualified investigators who help him with this calling.

You may also be interested in reading the book, which goes into frightening detail about what Steven LaChance and his family endured living in the Haunted Union House.

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